Tips for Creating Signs for your Montessori Program

Cognitive mapping is our ability to visualise where we are in a certain space.  It allows us to park, go into a store and find our car again, or find the bathroom at night... Read more

Collaboration Through Montessori

What do you get when a Montessori teacher, an illustrator and a dementia expert create together?  A book designed especially for elders with dementia.  

I like to use as many... Read more

Workshop at Montessori Center of Minnesota

Last week I taught at the internationally recognized Montessori Center of Minnesota (MCM).  The center has offered high-quality, hands-on training in Dr. Montessori's proven method of... Read more

Montessori Practical Life Activities for Individuals Living With Dementia

Dr. Montessori developed practical life activities to help children develop coordination, order, independence and concentration. By developing those qualities, the child is able to get the most... Read more