Global Accreditation Programme

AMI Montessori for Dementia, Disability and Ageing Global Accreditation Programme has been developed to partner with and support all adult care services providing Montessori environments. It aims to engage these services in a process of review, improvement and maintenance to ensure the highest level of Montessori experiences for people receiving care services that they believe to be Montessori in nature.

The emphasis for the Global Accreditation Programme is on continuous improvement for quality outcomes. It highlights Montessori indicators for quality practice and supports these with a model of mentoring and professional development. The AMI Montessori for Dementia, Disability and Ageing sub-committee (MDDA) administers the Global Accreditation Programme.

In the future, services participating in this programme will be featured on our website.

Programme Fees

Application Fee: 500 Euros

Audit Fee: 6500 Euros plus all travel expenses

Annual Fee: 300 Euros