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Creating meaningful activities for people living with dementia.
Preparing the environment to foster independence and engagement.
Undertaking roles in a care community gives residents a sense of purpose and contribution.
A day at Archbishop Goody Catholic Homes, East Perth, Australia.
Purpose and Engagement in Life through Montessori for Aging and Dementia at Clark Retirement Village, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Through applying Montessori principles in aged care, Tren regained the ability to feed himself. This video shows a number of exercises that stimulated Tren.
Thelma works with her daughter on a daily basis to train her memory, following Montessori principles.
Katie shares the story of how she discovered Montessori for Dementia and how it has changed her.
Anne Kelly, Montessori dementia consultant, shares her experiences in applying Montessori principles in aged care and talks about the influence it has had on her personal life.
This video shows some of the principles and applied practice for Montessori in aged care. The staff share their experiences and the changes they have seen.
Montessori for the aged is based on the principle of finding meaningful work for the elderly.