Montessori Practical Life Activities for Individuals Living With Dementia

Dr. Montessori developed practical life activities to help children develop coordination, order, independence and concentration. By developing those qualities, the child is able to get the most... Read more

How to Support Memory Loss?

When people cannot retain information internally due to cognitive deficits it becomes important that the information is stored in an external location where the person is able to see it and use it... Read more

When it Comes to Mealtimes, There's No Place Like Home

In this second post about creating meaningful and dignified meal times, we look at how small changes to the environment can make our care homes really feel like home.

Creating... Read more

"Grab and Go" or "Dine with Dignity?"

The beloved Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz perhaps sums things up best: “There’s no place like home”. For those living in long-term care this statement is often expressed with... Read more

Banning the Boredom

Boredom is one of greatest issues we face in dementia care. In fact, boredom contributes to many of the “challenging” or “difficult” behaviours associated with dementia (often referred to as... Read more

Why a Diagnosis of Dementia Should Not Mean Losing all of One's Life Roles

Prior to admission, there are many roles that a person may fulfil – husband, father, partner, grandparent, handyman, bill payer, lover, gardener, confidant, church goer, friend, shopper, cook,... Read more